A2 doc 4.0 – Service that wins you over!
Editorial system ‐ secure and cost‐saving

The A2 doc 4.0 service package editorial system + service guarantees you secure and cost‐effective access to an editorial system.

Use a professional editorial system to efficiently process your technical documentation. Our documentation engineers offer you their longstanding know‐how, and support you as you start out with high‐performance forward‐looking technical documentation.

Prepare manuals, assembly instructions, instructions for use, maintenance instructions, service instructions and software documentation efficiently, cost‐effectively, in conformity with the law and on time by using A2 doc 4.0.

Advantages of the service package:

  • 100% functionality from day one
  • Timely technical documentation in accordance with legal provisions
  • Long‐term 20‐40% savings in daily editorial and translation costs
  • Significantly faster and optimized workflows
  • Planned budget
  • Minimal investment risk in relation to software and peripherals (IT)
  • Introduction to the automation of technical documentation
  • Future data transfer to an in‐house solution possible (multi‐client capability)

Scope of the service package:

  • Professional and efficient use of the XML‐based software SCHEMA ST4
  • Consultancy, planning, structuring and modularization
  • Configuration and implementation
  • Layout creation
  • Training on the editorial system and editors
  • Initial and subsequent workshops
  • Support during live operation

Functions of A2 doc 4.0:

  • Easily enter content using standard editors (e.g., Microsoft Word, Adobe FrameMaker, JustSystems XMetaL)
  • Display information in the form of a tree or network structure. Save text, images and other data in complete media‐neutral information components
  • Easily transfer existing content into new documentation projects and distribute to different target media (e.g., print, Internet, CD‐ROM, online support, portal, apps)
  • Comprehensive graphic management
  • Localize only new or modified content with the assistance of the translation filter (translation workflow
  • Translation Memory Systems interface


  • Would you like to save 20‐40 % of your editing and translation costs?
  • Do you have to allow for increasing requirements (legal conditions, workflow optimization) with the implementation of a professional editorial system?
  • Do you claim to provide technical documentation on schedule and in conformity with the law?
  • Do you dread the high initial investment in software and employee training?
  • Do you want to avoid constantly receiving invoices for software updates?
  • Do you place a lot of value on professional support?
  • Are you looking for a partner who understands your product?
In a nutshell you are looking for a system that offers you the best price to performance ratio and the security of doing everything correctly!
With the A2 doc 4.0 editorial system + service package you have a tool on hand that fulfills all requirements.


A2 doc 4.0 – your step towards high‐performance forward‐looking technical documentation. Do you have any questions?
Please contact Manfred Schüller
Phone +49 911 580568‐2420

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